Student Regulations

General Provisions

The student’s rules and regulations set out the way to behave in typical and foreseeable circumstances, organize the most important aspects of daily life at the Gen. Kazimierz Pulaski in Harwood Heights. It is designed to ensure the personal safety of students and enables order and discipline to be maintained on school grounds.

  1. The language of the school is Polish.
  2. The student attends school regularly.
  3. Missed lessons are excused by parents with the class teacher in person or in writing.
  4. He comes to lessons on time.
  5. He brings with him decently maintained books and notebooks, school supplies for writing, and teaching aids needed for learning.
  6. In lessons, he pays attention diligently and follows the teacher’s instructions.
  7. He does his homework conscientiously and makes up for missed work as a result of absences from school.
  8. He is a good colleague/good friend.
  9. Respects equipment, school facilities and other people’s property. He and his parents are fully responsible for any damage.
  10. The class is obliged to leave behind order. All students are responsible for this, and the teacher is in control.
  11. On a 10-minute break:
    • A student may not leave the school building during breaks without teacher supervision,
    • Behaves properly, listens to teachers and parents on duty,
    • does not stay in toilets without needing to,
    • After the break, he is obliged to return to class on time.
    • Does not create situations that threaten the safety of other students.
  1. He must not sit during class wearing a cap, hoodie or jacket.
  2. He is not allowed to bring to lessons: balls, roller skates, electronic games, radios and other electronic players. May not use cell phones during lessons.
  3. The student uses the school library free of charge. Home reading is a must.
  4. Six days of schooling per year ( or 3 days per semester ) missed without excuse will result in the student’s removal from the school record.
  5. The school prohibits the use of uncensored words in Polish and English.
  6. The student’s use of uncensored words, swearing in class or on school grounds (all school buildings and the area around the buildings) will be punished:
    • calling the parents to the school and talking to the student and parents,
    • removal of the student from the list of students of the Polish School named after him. Gen. K. Pułaskiego.

  1. For good behavior, diligence and academic progress, the student is recognized in front of the class, parents or school.

  1. For failure to comply with the rules, the student is punished:
    • By interview in the presence of the educator and the school principal.
    • Meeting with parents.
    • Reduction of the grade in behavior.
    • Suspension from school.
    • Removal from school.

These Regulations adopted by the Pedagogical Council and acknowledged by the Board of Directors of the Parents’ Circle shall come into force on September 11, 2021.

**Amendment carried and approved on September 25, 2021.