End of the school year 2009/2010 – 05.22.10

On May 22, 2010, the ceremony of the end of the school year was held . It started early in the morning with preschoolers, who, with “I am a preschooler” singing on their lips, welcomed everyone gathered in the school auditorium. Later in the program, the children recited poems about school and mom on the occasion of the past holiday , and sang songs in groups and individually. The program was conducted by kindergarten teachers, Ms. Agata Michalkiewicz and Bozena Szewczyk, and the musical setting was prepared by Ms. Anna Lesniakowska.
All the children were festively dressed, with the dominant colors being navy blue and white. The children in the zero grade had single letters of the alphabet hung around their necks, which showed that they knew the entire alphabet and were ready to enter the first grade. They wore blue graduation caps on their heads to distinguish them from the rest of the group. After the artistic program, the teachers presented the children with diplomas for completing kindergarten and grade “0” and prizes,
and the six-year-olds additionally received tiny statuettes. The atmosphere was great. Joyful children, happy and proud parents with their kids, and teachers smiling and happy to see children and parents immensely grateful.

At 10:30 a.m., the remaining elementary and high school students met with their teachers, and a few minutes before 11:00 a.m., they headed to the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul. The church will be held at St. Rosalie’s Cathedral for Mass. The mass was celebrated by Father Bogdan Olzacki.
In his homily on the occasion, he expressed his deep satisfaction that children and young people are cultivating Polishness on American soil and want to remember their Polish roots.
Immediately after the Mass, a ceremony was held to present certificates to eighth-grade students. At the beginning, the head of the school, Mrs. Ewa Wejda, spoke, who on behalf of herself, the president and all the teachers congratulated the students on their graduation from elementary school, wishing them a happy and safe vacation, and then gave the floor to the class teacher. Mrs. Jolanta Plesiewicz, in a short speech, summarized several years of cooperation, emphasizing the achievements of students, as well as recalled very happy moments in the life of the class, such as the story of the ” class spider”. The eighth-graders were dressed in blue togas to distinguish them from other students.
They were also responsible for the liturgical setting at Mass. ( readings, prayer of the faithful, procession with gifts), which was another distinction and highlighted the fact that they were completing one of the first major stages of their lives.
Immediately after the eighth-grade graduation ceremony, second-grade elementary school students, together with their catechist, Ms. Jolanta Klopotowska, performed in front of the school’s students singing several religious songs. For the first time this year, our school held a First Holy Communion ceremony. Through this speech, these children were recognized and the importance of this fact in the life of our school was emphasized.
The next stage of the ceremony was the handing over of the school’s banner. Traditionally, students of the graduating class handed over the banner to representatives of the current high school sophomore class.
After the flag handover ceremony, all students and their teachers went to classrooms, where they received certificates, honors and awards for their year-long work.

We wish all students, parents and teachers an enjoyable break
And have a good vacation . See you in September!

Lucyna Kopacz

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