First Communion ceremony – 05.15.10

May 15, 2010 was a very special day at our school.
On this day, the children of the second grade joined the First Holy Communion.
This was a special event for our entire school community, as we experienced this joyful encounter between children and the Lord Jesus for the first time in our school.
The First Holy Communion has great significance in the spiritual life of the child and his family.
The children attended catechesis for two years and prepared to meet the Lord Jesus in the Sacrament of the Eucharist. The children diligently studied the Scriptures and learned the catechism,
They worshiped the Lord God with singing and prayer, and attended Mass. After much preparation, the children were ready to confess their love for the Lord Jesus and invite Him into their hearts.

***** Today the Lord Jesus in the Host hidden
to his children comes from the altar
for the first time our hearts are touched
bestows his grace and love *****

The First Communion ceremony was held at the Parish of St. Rozalia.
The Mass was celebrated by Father Basil Cendrowicz – parish priest and Father Bogdan Olzacki – vicar. First-Communion children full of joy and concentration participated fully in Mass for the first time. They read the readings beautifully and prayed the words of the Prayer of the Faithful together. In a procession of gifts, they brought candles, flowers, bread, grapes, wine and hosts to the altar.
By singing and reciting poems, the children expressed their love to the Lord Jesus. They thanked their parents, priests and teachers.

***** Jesus Sweetest Father and Lord
today my first meeting with you
accept in sacrifice my little heart
To love you throughout your life. *****

It was a wonderful celebration…..for all the good: GOD THANK YOU!

Jolanta Kłopotowska

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