Graduation – 11.06.10

The first days of school are a great experience for every child, but the most important event in this phase of the first-graders’ education is their being belted as a student.
On Saturday, November 6, 2010, twenty-six first-graders from two classes solemnly vowed to study diligently the Polish language, Polish history and geography, and to respect their teachers, colleagues and school staff. The vow was held in the presence of the school management, invited guests, a representative of the School Board, parents, students and teachers.
The road to becoming a ” real first-grader” was not easy. The children had to demonstrate their acquired knowledge and skills. They also showed that they can sing and recite Polish poems nicely. The children’s eyes were filled with happiness and joy when they saw the kindest people in children’s hearts – their parents.
Before the moment of passporting took place, first graders took the solemn oath at the school’s banner. The biggest thrill for the children was the moment of the student’s passport, when the headmistress Ewa Wejda, touching the shoulder of the student – with a huge pencil – accepted the adepts as pupils with the words “I sign you as a student of the first class…”. .
Each child then left a fingerprint in the school chronicle next to his or her name under the pledge roll. At the end, the headmistress handed diplomas to each seven-year-old, and the headmistress and chairman wished them much success in their studies, and parents much patience in raising their children.
After an extremely moving ceremony, everyone took commemorative photos, after which a well-deserved treat prepared by their parents was already waiting for the first-graders.

Barbara Cieślak
class teacher

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