Katyn celebrations – 04.11.10

Polish Katyn 2010
They flew…
to pay tribute to the dead
and into their ranks
so that the world through tragedy
on Katyn opened his eyes
They flew…
That those who for Poland
bestially murdered
remain forever
unforgettable to the world
They flew…
to pray for the dead
Who carried the yoke of slavery
katyń death met
And with her flying away .
Rev. Pawel Kania

Sadness, grief and torn hearts . What happened on April 10, 2010 can not be described in ordinary words .
The President of the Republic of Poland – Lech Kaczynski – together with his wife Maria Kaczynska and accompanying persons, going to Katyn for the 70th anniversary of the Katyn massacre , died during a plane crash while landing at an airport near Smolensk.
The news of the tragic death of the President and all those flying with him was received with great pain . Among them was also the president of the Polish Community Association, Mr. Maciej Płażyński, who is a friend of our school.
Poles in Chicago united in pain with the families of the deceased . There was silence , Polish flags were lowered tying a black kir to them . The main mourning ceremony for those killed in the crash of a Polish government plane near Smolensk took place on Sunday, April 11, at the St. Catherine’s cemetery. Wojciecha at the Monument to the Victims of Katyn in Niles . Poles in reflection , solemnity , shocked by the tragedy participated in prayer and vigil . They laid flower bouquets, lit candles . The honor guard at the Katyn Monument was performed by Polish scouts , soldiers from the Historical Society , representatives of Polish schools, including our school. With great sadness they remembered Mr. Wojciech Seweryn , a well-known Polish activist in Chicago , chairman of the Committee to build a monument to the victims of Katyn , who died in the disaster .
It was through a committee he set up in 2000 at the St. Joseph’s cemetery that he was able to establish a committee. Adalbert in Niles , stood the Monument to the Victims of Katyn . Wojciech Seweryn’s work on the monument,which lasted almost 10 years, was a tribute to all the victims of the Katyn massacre. Also involved in raising funds for the memorial was a member of our School Board, the late. Mr. Zygmunt Kodlubanski.
After the ceremony at the monument , those gathered drove to St. Jack’s Basilica , where Fr. Pastor Michael Osuch celebrated a funeral Mass for the intention of the tragically deceased in the plane crash . In Mass. attended by about 2,000 believers . In the temple filled to the last place were present representatives of many Polish organizations , institutions , veterans , young people of Polish schools . Also present was Wojciech Seweryn’s daughter , Anna Voytovich.
The disaster that happened is a great tragedy for Poland . Once again prominent representatives of our Nation died . We have suffered a huge loss . Let us honor the memory of the Poles murdered in Katyn seventy years ago and those of our compatriots who wanted to pay tribute to them by flying to Katyn, and whose lives and work for Poland were cut short by the tragic catastrophe of April 10, 2010.
May they rest in peace.
Agata Michalkiewicz

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