General meeting – 09.26.09

On September 26, 2009. A General Assembly was held at our school.
The meeting was opened by Parents’ Association President Mrs. Agata Wozny,
Who welcomed all attendees. The President then presented the agenda for the meeting, which was unanimously approved.
Ms. Agata Wozny, in her report, discussed the work of Board members, and celebrations
and school events involving students, teachers, parents
and committee members. The next item on the agenda was a speech by School Manager Ms. Ewa Wejda, who gave a statistical presentation of the number of students at our school in 2009/2010. Ms. Head introduced the teachers of each class, the caretakers of the theater group, SOS and the Sunflowers. Then the work report of the Manager and the Board of Education was read out, in which the curricula, school events, celebrations and excursions that took place during the past school year were discussed. The speech of the School Manager was followed by the report of the treasurer Mr. Waclaw Schejbal
and the report of the chairman of the Audit Committee, Mr. Andrzej Kramski. The outgoing Board was then discharged and a new School Board was elected. Three new ladies have joined its ranks: Beata Binski, Agnieszka Dobrzycki and Boguslava Raszewski. Ms. Maria Waksmundzka was appointed as the school’s treasurer. Mr. Waclaw Schejbal has taken a well-deserved retirement after 49 years of community service to the school. The meeting was concluded by the President thanking all participants for their participation
In such an important event for the school.

Beata Wrona