Interactive whiteboard already in school – 06.10.10

At a meeting on June 10, 2010 at the PNA headquarters in Chicago, the Gen. K. Pulaski School received from the hands of the treasurer of the “Polish Community” Association, Mr. Grzegorz Popielarz, and the president of the Board of Directors of the Institute of Modern Education in Warsaw, Mr. Grzegorz Pytkowski, a wonderful gift – an interactive multimedia whiteboard. This is the result of cooperation established during last year’s visit to Chicago of the tragically deceased former Speaker of the Polish Sejm and then-president of the “Polish Community” the late Maciej Płażyński. (An account of this visit to our school can be found in the Gallery and in Events 2009/2010).
The ceremony of handing over the plaques (two other schools in the Chicago metropolitan area also received them) was attended by representatives from Poland, key PNA officials headed by President Franciszek Spula , Vice President Mrs. Teresa Abick and Treasurer Mr. Marian Grabowski and Secretary Mr. Charles Komosa, numerous media representatives and representatives of the endowed schools. On behalf of our school, this wonderful gift was accepted by Stella Krawczyk and Alicja Kuklinska.
Schools in Poland have already been equipped with these devices for a few years, and some of our students also work on them in their American schools. Having such aids will undoubtedly increase students’ learning motivation and perceptual abilities due to the modern working environment. We are proud that our school received a modern blackboard as one of the first. This is a great honor and a source of pride for us. We hope that from September the lessons will become even more interesting and varied and will make young people come to school with joy and interest.

Alicja Kuklinska
An interactive white board is a device with the appearance of a large whiteboard that interacts with a computer
and a multimedia projector. It works like a touch screen on which teachers and students can display any computer content, take notes, work as on a regular whiteboard with a special pen, and then save and print the content of the screen, notes, images, etc. the user can write, annotate, underline and mark on any application, photo, video graphics, etc. The notes can be saved as a video, web page, Power Point presentation or PDF file. With one click, the notes can be sent via email. The possibilities of using such a board are endless!